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Health Overhaul(ed)

Free Crash Course Hosted by Betty G.
Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, and Pro Bikini Bodybuilder

This Is for You If....

  • You’ve tried crash diets with no long-term benefits

  • You have peaks of energy or motivation followed by a crash

  • You want to improve your health, energy, stamina, and confidence

  • You have tried things in the past but nothing “sticks” or seems too unrealistic for your lifestyle

  • You are unsure as to what information is accurate such as what diet is best for me? what should I be eating around my workouts?

  • You have struggled with eating too much, not eating enough, erratic or binge eating, or other eating behaviors that you can’t seem to get a handle on

  • You think about needing to change “something” at least once a week

  • You want guilt-free flexibility with your nutrition, incorporating fun foods and beverages, while also accomplishing your health and confidence goals


Did you just have an “aha” moment? Don’t worry friend; I’m here for you.

Let me share my long-story-short in case you are new to me


I felt ALL these things about 7 years ago (circa 2016). Growing up I struggled with self-esteem and poor eating behaviors; I was part of the “empty plate” club and my intuition with eating + hunger cues were non-existent.


I tried many “methods” to feel better about my body and improve my confidence, but it always ended up being that band-aid that eventually falls off; nothing ever stuck!


Every cycle ended with a sense of frustration and defeat until I discovered these TWO things to finally have the freedom to enjoy my life, food, physical activity, and most importantly, the freedom to love myself! I will share the details of what these are during my 3-day crash course.


I don’t want you (or anyone) to have to go through what I did - wasting years not feeling confident and developing a bad relationship with food and exercise - which is why I created this FREE Crash-Course. 




Day 1 – the one thing you need to lose body fat and how to find the right diet plan for you while still incorporating fun foods and beverages.

Day 2 – the two activities you need to start doing now look and feel your most confident.


Day 3 – the three easiest lifestyle shifts you can make today to start feeling and looking better, effortlessly. 


Let’s hang out for 30 minutes each day and I'll show you how you can get past the roadblocks you’ve been experiencing in your health and fitness hike so you can STOP "starting over", stay consistent, and get the results you deserve.


If you know anything about me, you know I am all about making things F.U.N.

This free course will include a participation challenge (details disclosed within group) and the winner gets a FREE customized training and nutrition consult!



Eat with Betty! Private Facebook Group  


August 9, 10, 11 from 7:00-7:30pm CST


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