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Six reasons why eating healthier is easier than you think

6. Sales are awesome.

You don't have to be on Extreme Couponing to save money. Look at your closest stores' ads, download their apps, and keep a close eye for almost-expired things. Expiration dates are mostly a thing of when it is best to sell by and, on most things, it has nothing to do with quality or if it's edible. For example, one of my go-to stores sells $0.99 bags with bananas that are spotty. I buy them and freeze them to make smoothies or protein ice cream. They also sell $0.99 bags of bell peppers which I don't buy outside of sales (at over $1.50 for one, they're pretty expensive).

5. You can buy frozen fruits and vegetables out of season.

Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables might have comparable or even more nutritional value than

their fresh counterparts? They are picked at their peak ripeness and frozen quickly after. Since you can buy frozen fruits and vegetables all year, you can save money and still take advantage of their nutritional value.

4. Water is free or at least pretty darn inexpensive.

Did you know that your body is up to 60% water? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. The point is that you need a lot of water to carry out metabolic processes and stay hydrated. Thirst is oftentimes a sign of dehydration which is why you want to maintain a steady intake of water as opposed to waiting until your mouth is drier than the Dry Valleys (which is apparently the driest place on Earth). Why is this an issue? Under such a state, the body has a hard time removing waste. By drinking water you are helping your kidneys filter and remove waste, reducing water retention and constipation. In other words, drinking water keeps your pipes squeaky clean.

3. There is probably a farmer's market Nearby.

With the increased awareness of pesticide-free produce and hormone-free animal products, local foods from farmers (and maybe even your neighbors) are on the rise. You can look into CSAs, which markets accept food stamps, and plenty of other ways to save money. One of my close friends referred an amazing lady who sells eggs from her farm and I've not only been able to get amazing eggs, but also beef bones to make bone broth. Also, by purchasing small quantities of high quality foods, you are saving money buying what you need reducing waste.

2. You can learn from other people's experiences.

Every day, someone posts about something like "Meals For A Week For $50". Do some research! If you have a specific budget, I am confident someone out there has written about how they were able to make healthy meals with it. Even if you can only make two meals out of your usual four, you are getting one step closer to a life of healthier habits.

1. You are making an effort to eat healthier.

Listen, here. The fact that you are trying is enough. You probably thought that people who ate "healthy" were some kind of modern unicorn and that you couldn't do it because insert any excuse here. Yes, it is challenging and most people (myself included) would agree that pizza beats salad all day, every day. However, it's not about ignoring cravings, hunger cues, or eating lettuce for every meal. It's about making better choices every day. One small change per month turns into three small changes per season and, by the end of the year, you have accomplished more than you could have though you were capable of.

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